10.07.2023 | 17:00–18:30 Uhr | Nürnberg
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The Future of Learning: Embracing Innovation, Inspiring Possibilities


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Embark on an interactive journey into the future of learning with the captivating story of EYTHOR JONSSON in Iceland. Explore how the educational landscape has transformed, recognizing the need for continuous upskilling and reskilling in our dynamic world. Discover the exciting possibilities that digitalization offers for scalable and personalized teaching and learning experiences.


But it doesn't stop there. We'll dive into the realm of corporate training and corporate schools, where organizations actively invest in the growth and development of their workforce. Engage with strategies employed by forward-thinking companies, fostering a culture of learning and innovation.


Prepare to challenge your perspectives as we delve into the strategic significance of learning. Uncover why it should be an integral part of any organization's strategy, empowering them to adapt, evolve, and thrive. Join us as we unlock the interactive power of learning, igniting a passion for lifelong growth and success.


Get ready to be inspired, share your thoughts, and explore the limitless possibilities that lie ahead on this thrilling journey into the future of learning.

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Datum 10.07.2023
Zeit 17:00–18:30 Uhr
Ort Nürnberg
Location JOSEPHS - Das offene Innovations Labor
Sprache Englisch
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Eythor Jonsson

Eythor Ivar Jonsson is the president and co-founder of Akademias, which provides learning development programs for organizations.


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Zielgruppe: für alle Interessierten geeignet

Zielgruppenbeschreibung: This talk is designed for individuals and organizations seeking to embrace the transformative potential of learning in the evolving landscape of education.

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