Nürnberg Digital Festival – Festival for the digital society

Nürnberg Digital Festival is an annual festival focusing on digital topics. Besides celebrating Nuremberg’s thriving digital community, the festival draws attention to the opportunities that result from a digital revolution, shaping our lives in new ways: digitalization effects society, art and culture, education, as well as technology and economy.

For 10 days, Nürnberg Digital Festival hosts a broad selection of conferences, events, presentations and workshops to showcase the capabilities and creative ideas around digital topics in the Nuremberg region. Thus, the festival strengthens the metropolitan area Nuremberg as an economically, creatively and culturally diverse, social region, establishing it as a pioneer in digital change.

Nürnberg Digital Festival is on a mission

Blick durch die Besucherreihen hin zur Opening Night Bühne
Opening Night Stage
© 2019 Jolanta Dworczyk / Nürnberg Digital Festival

Nürnberg Digital Festival serves as meeting point for the most important local digital creators, users, personalities and all of those who have found their home on the Internet: Among others, this includes entrepreneurs, founders, tech-enthusiasts, bloggers, online-activists, hackers, developers, creators, designers, media representatives, marketing agencies, start-ups, SMEs and corporate enterprises, as well as investors and sponsors.

Besides connecting and promoting people, projects and organizations that already actively shape the digital change, the festival serves as an access point for all those, who are interested in this topic. From children to senior citizen, entrepreneurs, politicians or scientists — Nürnberg Digital Festival creates opportunities for everybody. By serving as a platform for education, knowledge transfer, networking, cooperation and inspiration, digital issues get tangible for all and bring together potentials from various spheres of the digital world and society in general.

Nürnberg Digital Festival REMOTE 2020

Starting as Nürnberg Web Week in 2012 with 30 events, the festival offered 340 events and attracted almost 17,000 participants in 2019. This success story continued in 2020: From November 9 to 17 the Nürnberg Digital Festival took place for the eigth time – this time REMOTE and completely virtual with 220 sessions and keynotes and more than 4,000 participants. The date for the 2021 festival will soon be released.

Become a part of the Nürnberg Digital Festival

Besides being a participant, there are several other options to contribute to the Nürnberg Digital Festival and become a part of its thriving community:

  • Host your own event! - You have an idea for a great event? Awesome!
  • Volunteer! - We always need people helping out before, during and after the festival.
  • Be a sponsor! - Got no time for any of the above? Why not become a sponsor instead?

Interested? Write us an e-mail to [email protected].
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