13.07.2023 | 14:00–15:00 Uhr | Nürnberg
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Our journey towards a more representative and equitable workplace


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Diversity and inclusion (D&I) should not just be buzzwords to companies or their employees. The journey starts with understanding what D&I means. The two interconnected concepts create an environment in which different unique individuals are empowered to work together and everyone’s contribution is equally valued.


In our session we will address why companies and their employees should strive towards D&I, what the benefits are and what opportunities might be missed otherwise. Furthermore, we will focus on the challenges of companies, teams, and individuals when they demand D&I.


We want to give you examples on how ING supports and promotes D&I, as well as share our experience. We will talk, for instance, about the D&I week which takes place every year, its content and organization. ING offers various programs designed to support employees in their development and to create an equitable workplace, where everybody has opportunity to thrive. In our opinion, informal networks also contribute much when it comes to creating nurturing and progressive corporate culture. ING has a very strong base of different informal networks, like Lioness, Women in TECH and YoungING, which are supported by senior management, and which have done much of the groundwork for embracing D&I.


Our goal is to make this session interactive so time for Q&A is planned and questions during the presentation are welcomed.

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Datum 13.07.2023
Zeit 14:00–15:00 Uhr
Ort Nürnberg
Location Design Offices Nürnberg
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