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Challenging DevOps in a real life environment

QualityMinds GmbH

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What happens if an international company experienced in software testing, learning and consulting around software engineering and DevOps starts to offer inhouse software engineering for customers? DevOps is a lot about tooling, but at its core it is about culture and methodology. While we did know this, experiencing this at our own is a different story.

Implementing the SoftwareBauhaus at QualityMinds in the midst of the pandemic we had to set-up a cross-border team of people mostly never met. We also faced the challenge of fulfilling customer contracts in DevOps consulting with the need of having the consulting in our own project. Let's hear about our experiences we made setting up a team consisting of developers, testers and DevOps people. Let's dive into to tales of challenges we met and things we learned:


• Find out how a small change in a Helm chart may influence a whole Kubernetes cluster.

• Let's see how load tests can affect other deployments.

• Let's talk about communication problems - between people and systems. In our projects and in



Of course, we are not only interested in telling you about our experiences. We are equally (when not more) interested in hearing about the challenges you faced and how you managed to get over them. Therefore, we will have plenty opportunity to have discussions in groups and present the challenges and ideas we gathered afterwards to each other.

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Datum 07.07.2022
Zeit 16:00–19:00 Uhr
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Kevin Weydmann

QualityMinds GmbH

I’m from Montabaur (Rhineland) but I live and work in the area around Munich since 12 years.

I work at QualityMinds as DevOps Engineer with 5+ years of experience in DevOps and 19 years of experience

Bartłomiej Smętek

QualityMinds GmbH

DevOps Team Lead


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