Keynote, 45 min
09.11.2020 | 17:00–17:45 Uhr | Nürnberg Digital Festival REMOTE
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Dr. Phoebe Moore



Artificial intelligence (AI) is perhaps the most important technological advancement of our time, and the AI sector is thriving globally. However, the backbone of AI development relies upon swathes of semi- and unskilled workers in both the Global North and South who carry out digital ‘dirty work’ (Roberts 2016) in social media and data services. Artificial intelligence trainers (AIT) as a category is a newly depicted type of worker which we define to be, for this project a) content moderators, who curate content for social media platforms such as Facebook and other news and video services, and b) data service workers, who work with data via annotation and natural language process training for such products as Amazon’s chatbot Alexa. The main, and very lucrative, asset that AIT workers provide is information for huge databases of images and text which are used to train machines for AI, which add significant value to social media and smart devices, and contribute to the development of AI.

This lecture aims to unearth the working conditions and experiences of, in particular, the women who work in these roles; and the institutional, social and legal parameters within which they are working. AIT’s work is set in the context of crisis and change, where ‘big tech’ multinational companies, or the enormous multinational corporations that employ AIT via third-party subcontractors, respond to Covid-19 (C19)  by restructuring the workforce and expecting workers to become increasingly digitally available and tracked as knowledge workers are required to work from home. Many of these issues faced by AIT pre-date this moment however and are expected to continue, so I provide a thorough analysis now which has implications into the future of AI and other digitalised work.

The Q&A to this keynote will take place in the Expo-Area in the Sponsor-Booth of netlogix.

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Veranstaltungsformat Keynote
Datum 09.11.2020
Zeit 17:00–17:45 Uhr
Ort Nürnberg Digital Festival REMOTE
Location Online-Session
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Dr. Phoebe Moore

Assoc Professor in Political Economy & Technology | University of Leicester in the School of Business

I am an Assoc Professor in Political Economy & Technology at the University of Leicester in the School of Business.

In this role, I act as the Co-Head of Management & Organisation with my colleague Dr Fabian Frenzel. I am also the Head of the research centre Philosophy & Political Economy.


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Dr. Phoebe Moore


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