F(Ai)L? human experiences with AI.

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The first IxDA event in Nuremberg is all about human centered AI.


Burgschmietstraße 10, 90419 Nürnberg
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What does artificial intelligence have to do with us humans anyway? AI can support us in our workflow, help us to perform better and even push our creativity. But of course, problems and hiccups are pre-set when humans and machines interact. With this event, we aim to stimulate the exchange on the current development of AI, discuss experiences and highlight the most important factors of success.

These speakers will share their knowledge in talks up to 20mins:

Danusch Mahmoudi, formerly at Designit, now managing director at DKdL will introduce us to the topic – past all the forecasts, fears and buzzwords – and share own experiences.

Jan Korsanke, senior designer at Futurice will talk about AI as a possible creative workforce and why humans are still very valuable in the design industry.

Peter Meyerhofer, UX designer at DKdL, will guide us through an AI driven helper for workshop facilitators, developed by DKdL.

Join the conversation after the talks – we’re super excited to elaborate the topic further with all the knowledge and opinions available. Let's enjoy the evening at DKdL's garden, grab a drink and connect with everyone.

Looking forward to meeting you!

Livestream zur Veranstaltung

Livestream zur Veranstaltung



  1. Profilbild von Peter Meyerhofer

    Peter Meyerhofer

  2. Profilbild von Jan Korsanke

    Jan Korsanke


Burgschmietstraße 10, 90419 Nürnberg
Bayern, Deutschland 49.4576824 11.0707452
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